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Camping gear from Eureka! is in stock now.

Since 1895, Eureka! has made dependable, easy-to-use tents and camping gear, giving you the freedom to have a good time.

Visit the store soon and get ready for camping season with tents, shelters and chairs from Eureka!

Eureka camping chairs
Camp Chair
Comfy and casual, Eureka’s Camp Chair is the perfect campfire companion. Designed for all day comfort, kick back in the sling-style chair while reading, shooting the breeze, or sitting around the campfire. Soft and stylish EVA cork-look armrests.

Director’s Chair
Comfy and compact, the Eureka! Director’s Chair folds up small so you can pack for the whole crew. Designed for day-long comfort and featuring an auto-deploy table for holding plates, beverages, and small items. Faux leather seat and headrest.

Highback Recliner Chair
Lean back—way back—and relax under the sun or stars in the High back Recliner. The comfy three-position, 20-degree reclining seat back is designed for day-long comfort and is perfect for chilling by the campfire. Relaxing recline feature allows up to 20 degrees of adjustment with three comfortable positions.

Eureka NoBugZone shelters
NoBugZone Screenhouse Shelter
A must have car camping companion, the Nobugzone Screenhouse provides protection from biting insects, burning sun, and a passing shower. Near-vertical sides provide ample shade and more interior space. Double zipper doors.

NoBugZone CT13 Shelter
Ideal for canoe trips, group backpacking, car camping, picnics, and backyards, the lightweight and compact NoBugZone CT 11 screen shelter offers shade protection and a bug-free environment. The NoBugZone CT features full-length no-see-um mesh walls that keep insects out while still letting a cool breeze in.

NoBugZone 3-in-1 Shelter
The NoBugZone 3-in-1 Shelter offers customizable protection from biting insects, burning sun, and a passing shower. Separate, waterproof rain fly shrugs off a light sprinkle, or remove the fly entirely for added ventilation through the all mesh roof.

Eureka camping shelters
Northern Breeze 12 Shelter
Versatile and durable protection from sun, wind, bugs and rain makes camping a breeze. The Northern Breeze has a durable, waterproof design that offers the whole crew comfort and protection from whatever mother nature throws your way.

Tagalong Shelter
The lightweight and compact design is easily transportable in its backpack-style carry bag, ready to go whenever you are! Simple, lightweight, and durable 7000 series aluminum frame makes for easy setup. Excellent UPF sun protection provides cooling shade from the sun’s harmful rays.

Northern Breeze 10 Shelter
With features like an integrated awning and versatile setup options, it is the perfect companion for all group camping trips.

Eureka tents for 1 to 4 people
Midori 2 Tent
Surprisingly spacious and highly functional so you can make home a long way from home. Perfect for comfortable trips on the trail, the Midori’s design maximizes space with easy functionality.

Midori Solo Tent
Whether you’re solo or camping with a partner, comfort and space are the name of the game. Increased headroom maximizes livable space for comfortable trips on the trail.

Space Camp 4 Tent
Perfect for long weekend family camping adventures – the Eureka! Space Camp has generous height and livable space that’s out of this world. High/Low Vent – Air Exchange System creates completely adjustable, easy to use ventilation options for all weather conditions.

Eureka tents for 4 or more people
Copper Canyon LX 6 Tent
The Copper Canyon’s easy setup, smart features, and full standing height make it Eureka’s most livable family car camping tent. 5-pole cabin style tent provides generous living space.

Copper Canyon LX 8 Tent
Featuring larger windows and doors for improved ventilation, as well as an extended front porch fly design that provides a dry entryway and additional wet weather protection. Copper Canyon’s easy setup, smart features, and full standing height make it Eureka!’s best valued car camping tent. 9-pole cabin style tent provides generous living space.

Kohana 4 Tent
Smartly Designed, comfortably sized to weather whatever. Designed to keep you warm and dry, the Kohana™is designed to protect you and your gear from whatever the elements throw your way. A durable rain fly and design keeps you dry through rainy and windy nights, while the mesh canopy allows for ventilation and picture-perfect star gazing on the clear nights.