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Glerups boots, shoes and slip-ons

Get cozy.
So comfortable, you’ll want to wear them everywhere.
Relax in Glerups on long flights. Get natural in Glerups around the campsite. Bring them to slip into at parties. Your Glerups go where you go. We carry Glerups boots, shoes and slip-ons in lots of great colours. Choose between the traditional leather sole or the outdoor-ready natural rubber sole.

Boots with leather sole
It’s a beauty for men and women. 100% pure wool Glerups comfort and warmth right up to the ankles. The Boot gets high marks for leaving little room for the cold to get in – no socks please! The ultimate indoor antidote to the chilly ways of Canada’s winter.

Boots with rubber sole
100% pure and natural wool with a sole of natural rubber and using only colours free of heavy metals and toxic dyes. 100% pure wool and 100% no itch. Now that’s natural comfort!

Shoes with rubber sole
Glerups will adjust to your foot shape after just a few uses, making them more comfortable with every wear. All-season comfort, so light and packable you’ll wonder how you traveled without them.

Shoes with leather sole
Wool keeps the sheep’s bare skin just the right temperature and Glerups slippers will too. The wool is breathable making the slippers feel dry and warm providing all-season comfort for women and men.

Slip-ons with rubber sole
Glerups has kicked bedroom slippers out of the bedroom and into, well, everywhere. Get more warmth and the comfort from 100% pure wool, with the unisex slipper from Glerups. No-itch wool. No-slip rubber. No-substitute Glerups.

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Glerups fall boots, shoes and slip-ons