GSI Outdoor cooking

Great food in the great outdoors.
Whether you’re a glamping gourmet or just need sustenance to make the summit, we have GSI cookware that can handle the outdoors and your appetite.

GSI Outdoor Bugaboo cooking sets

Bugaboo Backpacker
Maybe your style is Just Add Water. Maybe you’re a five-star backcountry chef. Either way, this tough, packable, fully-loaded non-stick cook kit heats evenly, washes up easily, and nests perfectly into its bag – the one that turns into the kitchen sink – and does it all without bruising your wallet. For under two pounds, you get a 2L pot, 8″ fry pan, strainer Lid, two big mugs with insulated Sleeves, two Bowls, a couple of Sip-Through Lids, our folding pot gripper, and the welded sink bag.

Bugaboo Base Camper
Premium performance at an exceptional value. The pot and lid combo are perfect for stovetop use. Every set includes 2 pots, a frypan, 2 nylon strainer lids, a dished cutting board for a variety of prep duties, a folding pot handle, and a welded stuff sack to keep everything organized and doubles as a sink for washing.

GSI Cascadian cups bowls and plates

Cascadian Plate, Cup and Bowl
Light, tough, and totally recyclable. The durable, BPA-Free plate, cup and bowl won’t hold odors or impart any tastes on tomorrow’s dinner.

GSI Outdoor Glacier cook set and Pinnacle Fry Pan

Pinnacle Frypan
Ultimate durability, efficiency, heat distribution. Pinnacle fry pans offer the ultimate in cooking performance, non-stick resilience and durability. This ultra-rugged pan’s exclusive Teflon with Radiance technology non-stick coating enhances heat distribution and reduces hotspots while its three layer coating resists scratches and abrasions.

Glacier Stainless Camper
Durable, efficient, and fully loaded – this comprehensive set is perfect for family camping. With a stainless steel cookset and full-on eating gear for four, this is the one you need for serious campsite cooking. The pots’ stainless is really durable, heats efficiently, and washes up easily, and the strong, durable plates and mugs are built to handle camping’s realities like kids, rocks and gravity. Graduations are molded into the pots for easy measuring, and – of course – it all nests together perfectly so it’s easy to pack.

Glacier Stainless Plate
Rugged 18-8 premium stainless steel that goes anywhere. Ultra-clean, lightweight yet rugged, this plate will serve many in-camp purposes for several years to come.

GSI Outdoor JavaGrind and JavaDrip

Ultralight and packable conical burr grinder is the perfect companion to those who demand the best tasting coffee no matter where the adventure takes you! With a locking grounds cup and clever handle design, say goodbye to dropped beans or grounds and grind your way with confidence.

Collapsible JavaDrip
The Collapsible JavaDrip’s clever, expanding silicone cone brews fresh, delicious coffee and yet collapses to just 1″ high to travel anywhere. Simply set the filter on top of your favorite container, from a wide mouth water bottle to a small pot, add any brand of #4 filter, grounds and water and voila, eye-opening drip coffee just like home. The convenient cover even doubles as a trivet for the cone when you’re done brewing and keeps everything clean during transport.

GSI Outdoor kettle, spice container and pots

Halulite Tea Kettle
Ultralight, hard anodized aluminum kettle for fast packers + alpinists. The Halulite Tea Kettle is an ultralight kettle for family campers and backpackers who demand efficiency in weight and fuel economy in a traditional kettle design.

Spice Missile
Three stages from liftoff to deep spice exploration. Three lightweight, dual-chamber modules are watertight and screw onto each other to provide you with six independent flavor options. Countdown: Three, two, one.

Escape HS 2 L Pot
The Escape’s hybrid design combines the packability and light weight of silicone with a highly efficient hyper-conductive anodized base. It cooks 30% faster – meaning less fuel – and takes up 53% less space in your pack. The lid doubles as a strainer and has integrated silicone thumbpads to help prevent burns. Dual bail handles make pick-up easy, then fold out of the way and lock the lid in place. The silicone has graduations molded in, so measurements are always accurate.