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Paddling perfection

Haliburton Forest Paddle Shop offers unique, high quality, handcrafted paddles crafted from wood sustainably grown in Canada’s first FSC certified forest. Visit the store and choose from various styles, sizes and designs for your specific paddling needs. Get ready for perfect days on the water with the perfect paddle from Haliburton Forest Paddle Shop. In stock now.

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An absolute classic, these traditional beavertail paddles need little introduction. The relatively large blade with the wide tip makes it the perfect paddle for shorter trips. The paddle pulls smoothly through the water while the wider blade gives good pull impact resistance.

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These ottertail paddles are a classic, versatile and lightweight paddle. The tapered blade makes it a silent paddle that slices smoothly through the water. It is the ideal deep-water touring paddle for extended trips. In addition to its noiselessness, the long blade gradually enters the water. It minimally burdens muscles and joints.

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