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Outdoor knives

We have a huge selection of knives for fishing, hunting, and all your outdoor pursuits. Whether you’re a survivalist or a hobbyist, we have several styles and sizes in stock, so you can be prepared for any adventure.

Kershaw Tremolo
The Tremolo is set at an entry-level price, yet it delivers a lifetime of quality. Everything about this Starter is easy to use, from its assisted SpeedSafe opening mechanism to its comfortable handle contouring during use. Additional details give the Tremolo added value, including steel inlays, handle texturing, and a reversible deep-carry pocketclip.

Ruike M108-TZ
The Ruike M108-TZ features a titanium handle, 154CM blade steel and “Beta Plus” safety lock. 154CM is a premium stainless steel famous for its all-round qualities: good balance of corrosion resistance, toughness and edge retention. The 154CM blade is intensively processed by RUIKE using cryogenic treatment, and finally takes on a hardness of 58~60 HRC.

Spyderco Delica
The defining feature of this knife is its “Wharncliffe” blade profile, which is characterized by a perfectly straight cutting edge and a spine that tapers to meet that edge at an acute point. Capable of cutting with both scalpel-like precision and power far beyond its size, Wharncliffes are the blades of choice for many savvy knife users who demand maximum performance out of their tools.

Zero Tolerance 0990
Despite its skeletonized structure, this ZT is reliably strong thanks to its steel construction. Features an exposed “floating bridge” near the top of the handle, carbon fiber scales with a front steel overlay, and cutout windows in the blade and near the pivot. The CPM 20CV blade offers excellent edge retention and opens reliably with KVT ball bearings. Once unobtainable for most, the 0990 offers the best way to bring the legend home.

Knives from Kershaw, Ruike, Spyderco and Zero Tolerance